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  •  Presentations
    powerpoint  Company discovery presentation for investors and specific presentations on the occasion of capital market events.
  • Analysts' research 
    Archive of research reports and news flashes on Bekaert.
  • Annual reports 
    Available from 1995 onwards
  • Corporate Governance Chapters 
    Available from 2003 onwards
  • Financial calendar 
  • Financial statements 
    excelHistorical excel files with income statements, balance sheets, changes in equity, cash flow and segment reporting. 
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Glossary   
  • Informations documents
    Overview of the information that has been published or has otherwise been made available to the public by NV Bekaert SA on a yearly base.
  • Legal publications
    Provides all information with respect to the Bekaert share, the dividend, General Meetings of Shareholders, Extraordinary Meetings of Shareholders, Special General Meetings of Shareholders.
  • Mergers, acquisitions, divestments
    Historical overview of changes in ownership of joint ventures, acquistions and divestments with links to the press releases (if available.
  • Financial press releases and presentations
    powerpoint The periodic reports provide press releases and presentations on quarterly trading updates, annual and half year results.
  • Share information 
    excel This section provides historical data downloadable in excel files, on key figures, share price since 1973, share and valuation data, market capitalization and share capital history.
  • Shareholders guides 
    Since 1995, the guide provides segmented financial reporting, financial key performing indicators, historical reviews and additional information on the Bekaert share.  It also contains the dividend policy and information on the general meeting of shareholders.



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