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By creating value for the customers, Bekaert creates also value for shareholders and other stakeholders. Both private and institutional investors benefit from our sustained commitment to transparant reporting, be it a shareholders' or analysts' meeting. As a consequence, our shareholders have become more and more international.


  2007 2008 2009  2010   2011  2012  2013  2014
Principal shareholdings  38.30%  39.10%  39.01%  38.12%  38.28%  38.13%  38.15%  38.20% 
Treasury shares                7.11% 
Institutionals 42.10%  45.80%  48.98%  56.81%  39.31%  34.44%  29.92%  30.36% 
Retail & private banking             24.09%  19.94% 
Public (unidentified) 19.60%  15.10%  12.01%  5.07%  22.41%  27.43%  7.84%  4.39% 
Belgian institutions 20%  12%  10%  11%  5%  5%  38%  29% 
International institutions  80%  88%  90%  89%  95%  95%  62%  71% 

 Shareholder structure at 31 December 2014

Principal shareholdings

 Notifier Date of notification Number of voting shares  % of total number of voting rights
      60 111 405  
 S.A.K. 22 366 001 37.21% 
 Non-free float   22 366 001 37.21% 
 Total notifications   37.21% 

The Stichting Administratiekantoor Bekaert has declared that it is acting in concert with Velge International NV, Berfin SA, Subeco SA, Millenium 3 SA and Gedecor SA in that they have concluded an agreement (a) aimed either at acquiring control, at frustrating the successful outcome of a bid or at maintaining control, and (b) to adopt, by concerted exercise of the voting rights they hold, a lasting common policy.
On 8 December 2007 Stichting Administratiekantoor Bekaert disclosed in accordance with Article 74 of the Act of 1 April 2007 on public takeover bids that it was holding individually more than 30% of the securities with voting rights of Bekaert on 1 September 2007.

Registered shares

Of the total number of shares 1 722 615 were registered as at 31 December 2014. 
58 353 432 shares are dematerialised at Euroclear Belgium.
Shareholders wishing to convert from non-material to registered shares should contact their financial institution. Bekaert's legal department is available by telephone (+32 56 230536) or by e-mail (registered.shares@bekaert.com) to answer any question in this respect.

Contact info

Jérôme Lebecque
Head of Investor Relations

President Kennedypark 18
B-8500 Kortrijk (Belgium)
Telephone: +32 56 23 05 11

BTW BE 0405.388.536
RPR Kortrijk

Contact Us

better together

  • transmission-cable


    Alcan and Bekaert joined forces to install 210 miles of transmission cable


    Bekaert seamlessly adjusted the lengths of the reels to help Alcan’s trucks drive through mountainous terrain


    Alcan could meet their customer’s delivery requirements

  • Algeciras-port


    Optimal reinforcement required for the concrete pavement of the Algeciras port terminal in Spain.


    Concrete strengthened with Dramix steel fibers, offering high fatigue resistance and load bearing capacity.


    The solution largely exceeds the Spanish standard for the design and construction of port pavement set at a durability of at least 25 years.

  • ski


    Skiers count on safety when they go up the mountain


    In close cooperation Bekaert developed superior quality wires that meet the technical customer requirements of ropeway constructors


    The customer handles the production of the cables, but also on-site weaving (or splicing) and installation. The cables have a life expectancy up to 40 years

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