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Tax Specialist


1.      Implementation of PRC and global tax initiatives and tax structures.
2.      Manage tax risk to ensure compliance with Government regulations and report any irregularities.
3.      Conduct tax research and keep update on the latest tax legislative changes.

Your Role


1.      Non-Transfer Pricing Compliance and Transfer Pricing Compliance
2.      Corporate Tax incentive, Corporate Tax preferential treatment & Corporate Tax subsidy.
3.      Tax Audit/Self-assessment and Tax health check.
4.      Custody of Corporate Tax Documentation.
5.      Communication & relationship management with Tax Authorities.
6.      Update on Corporate Tax.
7.      Financial related works.

Your Profile


1.      Job Holder needs to have a college Level, and holding the legal accounting qualification.
2.      This position requires a good grasp of bookkeeping, a thorough understanding of established procedures for processing payments and receipts and a general understanding of banking procedures.
3.      Job Holder is required to organize and prioritize work in order to meet regular daily, weekly and monthly deadlines.
4.      He/she needs to have good communication and coordination skill and team spirit.
5.      His/her English should be good, both oral and written。
6.      He/she is very strict in implementation of procedures/ethical codes/good colleagueship.

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