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Account Manager in Guangzhou



In line with the general commercial strategy, perform all activities related to the promotion and sales of Dramix in order to reach the set objective in terms of turnover, volume, market share, grow repeat/loyal customers, and develop powerful distributors.


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1.      扩展我们的销售网络
Expand our sales network.
2.      根据销售计划及战略完成KPI指标 
Implement KPI in line with the commercial plan and sales strategy.
3.      跟踪客户的付款情况保证货款及时回笼
Follow up credit situation of customers in order to ensure that invoices are paid in time.
4.      良好的独立工作能力及不管提升的自我管理能力
Good ability of working independent and improve self-organize.
5.      快速提高关于钢纤维加强混凝土的技术知识以应对客户的专业要求
Improve technologies fast and in time on SFRC in order to meet customers’ requests.
6.      能够敏感的洞察客户潜藏的真正需求
Aptitude to detect the real needs behind the customers’ face.
7.      合理处理客户的抱怨并采取最佳的解决方案确保客户与公司的共同利益
Handle customer’s complaints in order to ensure optimal solutions for both them and Bekaert.

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  1. 具有5年以上在工业产品领域的销售经验
  2. 在交通运输工程中具有设计、监理和施工工作经验者将优先考虑
  3. 在建筑行业拥有良好和宽广的人脉关系,以及丰富的社会资源
  4. 能够适应经常性出差
  5. 良好的独立工作能力,同时适应团队合作
  6. 良好的沟通技巧


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