• Highest cost-performance ratio
  • Available in different sizes with different burner patterns for optimal efficiency
  • Ideally suited for small size wall hung boilers
  • Superb flame distribution resulting in better control over the total modulation range

Product description

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In an ever more competitive and demanding environment, you need a cylindrical premix burner that provides it all: an innovative and robust design, suitable for a wide range of heat exchangers and the best price-performance ratio.

Bekaert is proud to introduce the new generation cylindrical premix burners: Multipat®. The Multipat® series premix burners are the successor of Furipat®, the industry standard in cylindrical refractory steel premix burners for several decades.

Multipat® offers a world of new possibilities in a very compact and efficient design. The newly designed perforation patterns provide an improved flame distribution over the total burner deck. The burner is available in various lengths and diameters to perfectly fit your combustion chamber.

The improved design can be used in a wide range of aluminium and stainless steel heat exchangers from various manufacturers. Moreover, it is the perfect solution to use with the latest generation gas adaptive control systems. All new burner patterns are optimized for each burner size and are exclusively designed and patented by Bekaert, providing you the highest efficiency over a wide capacity range with a high life expectancy. The Multipat® premix burner consists of only 3 main parts, making it the most cost-effective burner solution for your condensing boiler available on the market.

Benefit exclusively from Bekaert's leading experience in the combustion technology!

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Technological features

  • Bulk material Stainless steel
  • Energy source Gas
  • Type Condensing



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better together

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    Alcan and Bekaert joined forces to install 210 miles of transmission cable


    Bekaert seamlessly adjusted the lengths of the reels to help Alcan’s trucks drive through mountainous terrain


    Alcan could meet their customer’s delivery requirements

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    Optimal reinforcement required for the concrete pavement of the Algeciras port terminal in Spain.


    Concrete strengthened with Dramix steel fibers, offering high fatigue resistance and load bearing capacity.


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