- excerpt from press release 27 October 2009 ABAF – Association Belge des Analystes Financiers / BVFA – Belgische Vereniging van Financiele Analisten -


For the 49th time, the Belgian Association of Financial Analysts has granted its annual Award for Best Financial Information. The award aims to reward the Belgian listed companies that stand out in terms of communication policy, transparency and investor relations.

Over the past few months, 37 financial analysts and 5 fund managers have analysed how the Belgian listed companies communicate with the financial markets and how they make financial information available to the investors community. It has to be stressed that the Award still gets tremendous support from the vast majority of the Belgian analysts and several other financial specialists. Their help is a key feature of the Award and the Belgian Association of Financial Analysts would sincerely like to thank all that have participated in the process this year.


Hans Buysse, President of ABAF/BVFA: “Good financial communication remains a necessity despite the difficult times the markets have been going through. That said, we did not have the impression that the companies scaled back their efforts in terms of financial communication or investor relations. On the contrary, we are particularly pleased with the progress that a number of small- and midcaps keep making. For these smaller companies in particular, financial communication remains a necessity in order to attract the attention of national en international, small and larger investors.”

Over the past few weeks, 50 companies were screened and ranked. Almost 90.0% of the companies were analysed by at least 3 analysts. The equity houses that participated in the process were the following: Bank Degroof, Bank Delen, BNP Paribas Fortis Bank, De Belegger, Delta Lloyd Bank, ING, KBC Securities, SG Private Banking, ING and Value Square. The work was completed by fund managers from BNP Paribas Fortis, Dexia AM, KBC AM, Petercam and Quest Management.


The main prize is the overall Award for Best Financial Information.

The Association also grants 4 sub-awards:  Best Annual Report /  Best Press Releases /  Best Investor Relations /  Best Website

Best Annual Report:  Bekaert

Bekaert is not publishing its annual report anymore the way the group used to do. The annual report is now an “online report”. That did not mean that the new annual report was not highly applauded. On the contrary, Bekaert’s annual report came out on top. The in-depth description of the business and the clear-cut strategic information on what the group tries to achieve was highly appreciated. Last year’s winner Recticel came in second thereby confirming its exemplary role as a small cap.

The Award for Best Financial Information 2009:  Bekaert

Luc Van der Elst, Vice President of the Association: “Bekaert is a worthy winner given the commitment shown by the group for years and years now to keep investing in good financial communication and good investor relations. That said, we also like to applaud the performance of the two smaller companies. Hansen that came out second and Recticel that came out fifth.”


The complete press release and set of results are available on www.abaf-bvfa.be


Please find beneath the links to both awards:

Award Best Annual Report 2008

Award Best Financial Information 

better together

  • transmission-cable


    Alcan and Bekaert joined forces to install 210 miles of transmission cable


    Bekaert seamlessly adjusted the lengths of the reels to help Alcan’s trucks drive through mountainous terrain


    Alcan could meet their customer’s delivery requirements

  • ski


    Skiers count on safety when they go up the mountain


    In close cooperation Bekaert developed superior quality wires that meet the technical customer requirements of ropeway constructors


    The customer handles the production of the cables, but also on-site weaving (or splicing) and installation. The cables have a life expectancy up to 40 years

  • Bezinal-2000


    Although zinc provides a barrier to corrosion in most environments, specific conditions accelerate the corrosion process


    Bekaert, drawing from its deep expertise in coating technology, has developed an advanced zinc/aluminum coating


    Bezinal® 2000 increases corrosion resistance with up to 500% compared to traditional galvanization

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