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Bekaert has adopted the one-tier governance structure. The Board of Directors is the company’s primary decision-making body in all matters other than those in respect of which decision-making powers are reserved to the General Meeting of Shareholders by law or the articles of association. The Board of Directors has delegated special operational powers to the Bekaert Group Executive. The main task of the Board of Directors, under the leadership of the Chairman, is to determine the company’s strategy and general policy, and supervise its activities.

The Board of Directors has 13 members:

  1. Jürgen Tinggren
    Chairman of the Board of Directors
  2. Oswald Schmid
    Chief Executive Officer
  3. Gregory Dalle
  4. Henriette Fenger Ellekrog
  5. Charles de Liedekerke 
  6. Christophe Jacobs van Merlen  
  7. Hubert Jacobs van Merlen 
  8. Colin P. Smith
  9. Eriikka Söderström
  10. Caroline Storme
  11. Emilie van de Walle de Ghelcke
  12. Henri Jean Velge  
  13. Mei Ye