Bekaert - Half year results 2010


Press release

Summary & download

Please find attached a press release concerning the half year results 2010 of Bekaert.



Consolidated sales of € 1.5 billion (+28%) and combined sales of € 2.1 billion (+31%)

EBIT of € 243 million compared with € 79 million

EBIT margin on sales of 15.9% compared with 6.6%

EBITDA margin on sales of 22.7% compared with 12.1%

EPS: € 9.15 compared with € 2.24


 Confident of Bekaert's robust performance over the medium term (three years):

1.          the Company believes it can raise the medium-term EBIT margin target to ≥ 10%

2.          the Board will propose the pay-out of an intermediate dividend of € 2 per share

3.          the Board will propose a three-for-one share split



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