October 21, 2008 - Disclosure in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 2 May 2007:

Transparency law

Notification of participants as of 1 September 2008
AXA S.A. (25, Avenue Matignon, FR-75008 Paris, France), in its capacity as parent company or controlling person, has made a definitive notification to Bekaert of the following participations held in Bekaert as of 1 September 2008: 

AXA Belgium:                 555 828 shares, i.e. 2.81%

AXA France Vie:              38 352 shares, i.e. 0.19%

AXA France Iard:               4 641 shares, i.e. 0.02%

i.e. in the aggregate:      598 821 shares, i.e. 3.03%

AXA Belgium is a subsidiary of AXA Holdings Belgium, which itself is a subsidiary of AXA. AXA France Vie is a subsidiary of AXA France Assurance, which itself is a subsidiary of AXA. AXA France Iard is a subsidiary of AXA. The operational entities of the AXA Group, including the AXA subsidiary insurance companies, act and exercise their voting rights independently from any other entity of the AXA Group which conduct asset management activities, in accordance with the conditions of Article 11§2 of the Act of 2 May 2007.

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