2 April 2003    “Bekaert Combustion Technology” and “Bosch Junkers” sign an important agreement.

  Bekaert and Shell further develop the Bekaert Combustion Technology platform.



Bekaert Combustion Technology (BCT), a business unit of Bekaert Advanced Materials (BAM) and Bosch Junkers, one of the European leading original equipment manufacturers for boilers, entered into a long term agreement for metal fibre based premix gas burners used in condensing boilers.  The three-year agreement, worth 3 million euros, encompasses the customised development and manufacturing of large series of gas burners by BCT.  The modulating capabilities of the premix burner together with its compatibility with different gas qualities gives BCT the opportunity to provide Bosch Junkers with one standard burner for its whole range of condensing boilers.

Bekaert Combustion Technology, specialising in gas burner technology, today has a market share of more than 60% in the European market for premix burners for residential boilers.  It has its headquarters in Assen (The Netherlands), realises a turnover of € 24 million and employs approx. 200 people worldwide. 

Also, Bekaert and Shell have agreed to merge the former “Acotech” and “Furigas” companies into “Bekaert Combustion Technology”, in which Bekaert and Shell hold respectively 75% and 25% of the shares.  With the existing market positions of Acotech and Furigas in combustion products, it has been decided to build upon their engineering and application knowledge to provide complete solutions in combustion processes.  The new joint venture is set up to improve the service to the customers in both residential and industrial markets by focusing on core activities such as marketing and sales, engineering of burner solutions, application knowledge and the world class gas burner manufacturing of both small and large series.

Bekaert Combustion Technology will continue to use Acotech and Furigas as tradenames.

Acotech, a former 50/50 joint venture between Bekaert and Shell, was founded in 1987, with the aim of marketing the metal fibre burner for gas surface combustion on a world-wide scale.  Nowadays, Acotech burners are being applied in a vast range of industrial applications worldwide.

Furigas was founded in 1966 in The Netherlands and is fully owned by Bekaert since 2001.  Furigas has more than 30 years of experience in the design, manufacturing and marketing of customised gas burners for the residential market.  In co-operation with its customers, of which the recent contract with Bosch Junkers is a good illustration, Furigas has developed a range of gas burners that were amongst the first to comply with changing environmental legislation in Europe.

Bekaert Advanced Materials (BAM) is a business unit of the Bekaert.  The Group (Euronext® Brussels: BEKB, www.bekaert.com) is a worldwide leader in advanced metal transformation and coating technologies, focused on high added value market segments.  It is a global company, headquartered in Belgium, with a turnover of 2.8 billion euros and selling its products in more than 120 countries.