17 July 2003  Bekaert window film: fresh and cool

Retirement and nursing homes are in the news in Belgium because of the continuing hot weather. As a result of it elderly people, in particular, are suffering.

Bekaert offers a fast and efficient solution for excluding the heat of the sun from buildings. Through the application of window film to the existing window panes unwanted heat is kept out. The infrared heat rays are excluded by an ultra-thin layer of metal. Harmful ultraviolet rays, which cause interiors to discolour, are also kept out. Visible light, on the other hand, is allowed through.

Bekaert window film was recently installed in RVT Botelaarshof, a retirement and nursing home in Deurne, Belgium, by Aannemingen Michiels from Sint-Niklaas. Mrs Schram from the retirement and nursing home declared: “The installation doesn’t take long and the result is just amazing! Rooms which used to be sweltering after a few hot days are now cool and pleasant.  It is an ideal solution which is a lot cheaper than other options. Residents see no difference from the inside and from outside you see only a slight shine on the window. This is an advantage because it prevents nosy people from looking in and increases privacy.”

Bekaert film has a wide variety of applications worldwide in commercial, residential and administrative buildings.