23 July 2003    Bekaert strengthens its leadership position in window films on the Scandinavian market

Bekaert wants to substantially reinforce its market position in window films in Europe. In line with its growth strategy, Bekaert acquired the shares of "MIB Marketing AB" and "MIB Sun & Safety AB" (MIB), registered in Rimbo, Sweden.  Bekaert also acquired the assets of "Solar Gard Denmark Aps" (SGD) in Denmark.

MIB and SGD are important distributors of window films and the relevant tools in Scandinavia. With a total annual turnover of more than 2 million euro they have excellent credentials.

Bekaert will combine these activities on the Scandinavian market into one legal entity, Bekaert Speciality Films Nordic AB. This company becomes a part of Bekaert Specialised Films, a division of Bekaert Advanced Materials (BAM), which belongs to the Bekaert Group.  

Bekaert Specialised Films currently has 17 of its own distribution centres, 11 of them in the United States, as well as a worldwide network of sales offices and independent distributors.

Bekaert window films are marketed under the brand names Solar Gard®, for sun-resistant films, and Armorcoat@, for security films. Window films are applied to existing windows in cars and buildings for residential, commercial or administrative use.

Bekaert's Solar Gard® window films keep out up to 77% of unwanted heat from the sun and are therefore highly conducive to both comfort and energy-saving. They also keep out almost all ultraviolet rays, which are harmful for the skin and fade interiors as well.

Bekaert's Armorcoat® window films sharply reduce the risk of damage, injury or even death in the event of explosions, vandalism or storm. What is more, the film holds glass together and prevents razor-sharp glass splinters from becoming dangerous projectiles.