19 December 2003   Bekaert Stanwick and Bekaert Consulting: from now on independent management consultancy firms

From now on the management consulting firms Bekaert-Stanwick and Bekaert Consulting will operate independently. The respective management teams will take over share ownership in Bekaert-Stanwick and in Bekaert Consulting. 

This operation fits into Bekaert’s strategy of concentrating on its two core competencies, advanced metal transformation and advanced coating technologies.

Most important for Bekaert-Stanwick and Bekaert Consulting is to provide continuity for their clients and to reinforce their present strategy as niche players in the consultancy market  in the sphere of efficient production and organisational development.  Both consultancy firms will continue to operate under their present names in the future.

Bekaert-Stanwick will continue to provide consultancy services for Bekaert.

Bekaert-Stanwick was founded in 1970 and has developed into an internationally recognised management consultancy firm, specialised in advising manufacturing and service providing companies. It provides client-specific plans with an emphasis on implementation and direct results. Bekaert-Stanwick achieved a turnover of € 5 million in 2002 and employs almost twenty people. Bekaert-Stanwick will continue to serve its clients from its present branches in Merelbeke (Belgium) and Lille (France).

Bekaert Consulting, in Bilbao, was founded in 1991.  With its fifteen staff members, it offers advice to production companies in Spain, chiefly in the field of total quality control. In 2002, Bekaert Consulting achieved a turnover of € 2.4 million.