23 February 2006  Bekaert to reorganize its carding business in Huddersfield (UK)

Today, Bekaert announced its intention to reorganize its production plant at Huddersfield (United Kingdom). In line with the various laws and regulations concerned, the company has entered into consultation with the representatives of the employees. The facility in Huddersfield employs 52 people.

Bekaert decided to expand its carding activities worldwide and has brought together ECC Card Clothing, Damgaard and Sobelcard in order to deliver unique carding solutions to the customers. With the set up of the joint-venture Wuxi Bekaert Textile Machinery and Accessories Co., Ltd, the company wants to anticipate the needs in the Chinese market. While carding products for non-woven applications are chiefly used in Europe and North America, Asia is an important growth market in card clothing for the production of cotton yarns in the textile industry.

This structural evolution in the market has had an important impact in the recent years on the Huddersfield facility which is mainly active in the short staple products for the textile machinery manufacturing. In order to be able to supply its customer base in a cost-competitive manner, Bekaert needs to adapt its cost structure and wants to integrate the Huddersfield activities in Bekaert’s other facilities for carding products.