23 May 2007 Bekaert to close down its carding business in Cleckheaton (United Kingdom)


Today, Bekaert announced its intention to close its production plant at Cleckheaton (United Kingdom). The facility employs 57 people. In accordance with the legal regulations concerned, Bekaert has entered into consultation with the representatives of the employees. In Cleckheaton, Bekaert produces short staple products [1] for the textile machinery manufacturing.

Given the structural shift of the production of cotton yarns for the textile industry to Asia and the total disappearance of market demand for these products in the United Kingdom, Bekaert wants to integrate the Cleckheaton activities in other Bekaert facilities. The company will guarantee its customers in the growing Asian market smooth service from its existing production facilities in Wuxi (China) and Pune (India). The distribution centre for the EMEA region will be transferred to Zwevegem (Belgium). Bekaert will strive to provide its customers with a seamless transition.



[1] Carding is one of the first steps in textile production during which cotton fibres are prepared for spinning in so-called carding
   machines. Bekaert has an important position worldwide in short staple products with which the carding machines are clothed.