March 16, 2009 - Bekaert issues new bonds


Bekaert has announced today, through NV Bekaert SA, that it will issue two bonds for a minimum total amount of € 150 million and a maximum of € 300 million in the form of a public offering in Belgium and Luxembourg. KBC, Fortis and ING act jointly as bookrunners and lead managers for this transaction.

The issue fits in with a debt restructuring with the purpose to provide a better balance between short and long term debts. The net proceeds of these bonds will be used to refinance the existing bank indebtedness and to pay off outstanding short term commercial paper.

The key features of the bonds are listed below:


                  3 year

                     5 year


NV Bekaert SA

NV Bekaert SA


From 16 April 2009 till
16 April 2012

From 16 April 2009 till
16 April 2014

Yearly coupon

5.750% paid annually on 16 April

6.750% paid annually on 16 April

Issue price



Gross return






The notes are available in denominations of € 1 000 and the subscription period will run from 17 March 2009 to 9 April 2009, subject to early closing.

The Prospectus is available for the investors, free of charge, in Dutch and in English at the registered office of Bekaert. It is also available, free of charge, by phone with Fortis Bank –tel.: +32 2 433 40 31 (Dutch) or + 32 2 433 40 32 (French),  KBC Bank – tel: +32 78 15 21 53 (Dutch) or  +32 78 15 21 54 (French) and ING Belgium – tel.: +32 2 464 61 01, and equally so at the counter of each of their local agencies. It is further available on the website of Bekaert (www.bekaert.com; section: investors), Fortis Bank (www.fortisbanking.be/emissions), KBC Bank (www.kbc.be/obligations) and of ING Belgium (www.ing.be).

Application has been made to list the notes on Euronext Brussels.