April 17, 2009 - Bekaert  releases its 2008 Annual Report and Shareholders’ Guide and launches its mobile site www.bekaert.mobi

Today Bekaert released its 2008 Annual Report. For the first time, this report has been published exclusively online. It can be read or downloaded from www.bekaert.com/annualreport2008.
The report bears the title Resilient the world over, underscoring the resilience Bekaert has displayed throughout its 128-year history and referring to one of Bekaert’s corporate values. “Resilience” refers to the company’s flexibility in changing circumstances and during temporary downturns, its ability to continually renew itself in mature markets, and its daring to invest forthwith in emerging markets. It is precisely this broad geographical coverage, with a clear emphasis on growth markets, together with the widespread distribution of its activities in diverse sectors, which contributed to Bekaert’s resilience in 2008.
The move to online distribution is aimed at reducing both the costs and the environmental impact associated with printing and shipping, while optimally utilizing the digital capabilities of the new Bekaert website.

Also available on www.bekaert.com beginning today is Bekaert’s Shareholders’ Guide 2008.
In order to offer clear and transparent information to our shareholders, the guide provides more detailed figures on the performance of the company and its share over the past years.

Shortly after the launch of its brand new website, Bekaert continues to improve its online presence with a mobile version of www.bekaert.com. More and more mobile phone users are browsing and searching the net on their handsets. Catering to this new trend, the mobile Bekaert site provides real-time information on Bekaert's share price, news updates, and events. The mobile site is directly fed by Bekaert.com and can be visited at www.bekaert.mobi.