December 18, 2009 - Regulated information: Disclosure in accordance with the Act of 02.05.2007:


Transparency law


Pursuant to articles 15 §1 and 18 §1 of the Act of 2 May 2007 on the disclosure of significant participations in listed companies, Bekaert publishes the following information:

Status as of 31 December 2009


Basic data

Total capital:                                                             € 175 118 000.00

Total number of securities conferring voting rights:        9 834 469 shares

Total number of voting rights (the denominator):                     19 834 469 
                                                                  (one voting right per share)


Supplementary data


Total number of debentures convertible
into securities conferring voting rights: none


Total number of rights,
whether or not reflected by securities,
to subscribe for securities
conferring voting rights yet to be issued:         313 784 subscription rights
                                         (each subscription right entitles the holder to 
                                                             one new share upon exercise)


Total number of voting rights that may result
from the exercise of such subscription rights:                             313 784 
                                                             (one voting right per new share)

Total number of shares without voting rights:                                   none

Thresholds set by the Articles of Association

According to 14bis of the Articles of Association the provisions of Articles 6 through 17 of the Act apply not only to the legal thresholds of 5 % and of each multiple of 5%, but also to the thresholds of 3% and 7.50%.


The notifications should be transmitted to both NV Bekaert SA and the CBFA. The CBFA recommends transmitting the notifications first electronically, to the e-mail address trp.fin@cbfa.be , and subsequently – for reasons of legal certainty – by fax to no +32 2 220 59 12.

It is recommended to transmit notifications to NV Bekaert SA electronically as well, to the attention of pierre.schaubroeck@bekaert.com

This information is equally available on the website of Bekaert, www.bekaert.com, under the caption ‘ Investors/shareholders/transparency disclosures’ .