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Bekaert's highly-qualified employees create the dynamics that characterize its international corporate culture.

Because our people are our most important asset, safety comes first, always. Providing a safe working environment for all employees is key to us.

BeCare LogoIn 2016 Bekaert started the implementation of a global safety excellence program, BeCare. We want a no-harm, risk-free work environment for all our employees and for anyone working at or visiting our premises. 

The BeCare program, which is partly integrated within the manufacturing excellence program, has been designed as a roadmap to realize our safety objectives. This roadmap helps us define and implement the safety practices that will benefit all employees, contractors and visitors in all Bekaert locations worldwide.   

Bekaert_safety Bekaert annually organizes an International Health & Safety week with active participation of all plants and offices worldwide. By doing so, Bekaert’s top management and all management teams reconfirm each year that the safety and health of all Bekaert employees worldwide is and remains a priority.