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Bekaert's highly-qualified employees create the dynamics that characterize its international corporate culture.

Because our people are our most important asset, safety comes first, always. Providing a safe working environment for all employees is key to us. We implement the right safety attitude through means of an assessment system that aims for improved safety awareness and provides a behavioral risk profile that is used to define specific training programs.

Our integral workforce is represented in formal joint-management -worker health and safty committees.They help monitor and formulate advice on occupational health and safety programs. These committees operate at all levels of the organization.

Bekaert has a group-wide OHSAS 18001 certificate. In 2016, 66% of all Bekaert employees were covered by this standard. 

Bekaert_safety Bekaert annually organizes an International Health & Safety week with active participation of all plants and offices worldwide. By doing so, Bekaert’s top management and all management teams reconfirm each year that the safety and health of all Bekaert employees worldwide is and remains a priority.

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