Bekaert Safety, Health and Environmental (SH&E) Policy -

Bekaert Safety, Health and Environmental (SH&E) Policy

Safety, health and environment policy statement of the Bekaert Group

Our company Values distinguish us and guide our actions. To us, sustainability is about economic success, about the safety and development of our employees, about lasting relationships with our business partners, and about environmental stewardship and social progress. This way, Bekaert translates sustainability into a benefit for all stakeholders.

  • We relentlessly pursue to be the preferred supplier for our steel wire, synthetic products and solutions, by continuously delivering superior value to our customers around the world.
  • Bekaert's global safety approach, aims to create a no-harm, risk-free working environment for all our employees and for anyone working at or visiting our premises.
  • Our concern for the environment focuses on the development of new, eco-friendlier production processes for our plants worldwide, prevention and risk management and the development of products that contribute to a cleaner environment.

We believe that taking care of people and the environment is fundamental to the success of the business. To achieve this we operate with a defined set of standards, including principles and processes, while encouraging a culture of respect and compliance.

  • We always behave in line with our SH&E Principles and commit to provide safe and healthy working conditions.
  • We communicate about SH&E matters in an open and transparent manner. We benchmark our practices with those recognized as best performers. We enable consultation and participation of employees and, where applicable, involve employee representatives.
  • We pro-actively monitor and assure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, as well as our own internal standards. We operate our assets globally in accordance with ISO 14001 and, where applicable, ISO 45001. 
  • We commit to continuously reduce and eliminate SH&E risks and hazards. We use life cycle management and SH&E principles in the design and development of our products, processes, equipment and infrastructure. We continually improve the Management System to enhance SH&E performance.
  • We commit to protect the environment including prevention of pollution, minimizing and processing waste in a safe and responsible manner.
  • We stop activities when there are unacceptable risks for safety, health or the environment.

It is the responsibility of Management to set the framework for SH&E objectives and targets and to ensure that everyone in our company, including contractors and visitors, knows, understands and complies with them.

SM-C05-A02-BCQA - v3:2020.08.25