Our values

We are a company with strong values that connect us all. Our values are the DNA of our company.
They make everybody feel part of the team, of One Bekaert.

Our 8 Key Leadership Behaviors

I focus on the external customer

  • I put the focus on creating superior value for the external customer
  • I put the external customer and the market at the core of our decision making and our actions

I seek to excel

  • I challenge the status quo, I set bold objectives and I deliver
  • I ask for feedback and I act upon it to further improve
  • I support others to excel

I work together

  • I practice highly effective collaboration team work
  • I engage others and I create commitment

I seize empowerment and I empower others

  • I take responsibility and I assume authority and accountability for my role
  • I communicate the company priorities and initiatives clearly to my team
  • In order to drive speed and agility, I empower my team with responsibility, authority and accountability and I assure that people are able and ready for it.

I simplify

  • I focus on what adds value and I cut the crap; I am ruthless in attacking needless complexity
  • I make sure roles and responsibilities, objectives and priorities are focused and clear

I listen, I speak up and we have a dialogue

  • I seek the input of other people and I listen actively
  • I value and I respect diverse points of view and perspectives
  • I do speak up and I share my point of view
  • I challenge and I am willing to be challenged

I live the Bekaert values

  • I proactively take action to guarantee a safe and healthy work environment, with no-harm-to-anyone
  • I always demonstrate respect for people and I urge other people to do so
  • I behave and act according to our values - I act with integrity, I earn trust and I am irrepressible!

I put One Bekaert first

  • I use the scale and the strength of Bekaert
  • I do what is best for Bekaert

Our Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct : The values which are ingrained in our culture, are the fundamentals of the Bekaert Code of Conduct. The Code explains our commitments and expectations towards stakeholders and provides guidance for employees and everyone who works on our behalf.