Concrete Industrial floors are typically being designed using international guidelines like TR34, ACI360 …etc. in the region. Plan checkers, municipalities and other authorities consider floors as non-structural elements. However, there is much more to the industrial flooring design than what meets the eye!

This webinar course is intended for those who wish to expand their knowledge of concrete industrial flooring design. It includes topics on structural design methods; reinforcement methods, a comparative review of different international guidelines, their relevance in the region and their associated design risks. 

We shall cover the following points in the webinar:
  • Traditional design vs the right design approach.
  • Structural design: Elastic or inelastic analysis?
  • Reinforcement: Mesh, fibers and steel
  • Floor detailing
Bekaert webinar 
Date: Wednesday, 22nd July 2020
4 PM Abu Dhabi (GST)
60 minutes