The unique and innovative exhibition layout of ARCHITECT@WORK was created by C4 -Creative Fo(u)r. In order to ensure the optimal contact between exhibitors and visitors, visitors are automatically led along a route that winds its way through small, uniform modules. First contact takes place at the stand. The innovations showcased by the exhibitors are presented in corner units and on the walls. At ARCHITECT@WORK, traditional aisles are transformed into lounge areas: places to enjoy a drink, to chat and to provide further explanation about innovative products, applications or services.

Are you looking for a reinforcement solution that speeds up and simplifies your masonry projects without reducing quality? At Architect @Work Kortrijk, Bekaert will showcase the strengths and possibilities of our Murfor® steel-based masonry reinforcement.

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Kortrijk Xpo, Belgium


21 Oct 2021 to 22 Oct 2021