Aluminium heat-treatment and pre-treatment lines (HTL, PTL) -

Aluminium heat-treatment and pre-treatment lines (HTL, PTL)

aluminium dryingAutomotive aluminium strip substrate is now commonly processed either on stand-alone heat-treatment lines and passivation-coating lines, or on combined annealing-and-coating lines.

Strip reheating prior to recoiling is easily achieved with a dynamic oven, boosting a decreased after-loop temperature to a final recoiling PMT.

Waterborne passivation layers are applied in the pretreatment sections and can be efficiently dried with our compact GemDryer® gas or WebMate® electrical infrared systems. Coupled with integrated air-cooling sections, these heaters and dryers are supplied as complete packages for both vertical and horizontal line designs in either revamp or greenfield projects.

Benefits of our infrared heating and drying solutions:

  • Optimized compactness
  • High production flexibility
  • Production boosting