Pre-treatment and paint drying on colour coating lines (CCL) -

Pre-treatment and paint drying on colour coating lines (CCL)

Coating linePassivation layers are commonly applied in the pretreatment sections of aluminum or steel color coating lines.

The majority of these coatings is water-based and can be efficiently dried with compact Bekaert Solaronics GemDryer® gas or WebMate® electrical infrared systems.

In the primer and top coat drying sections, solvent removal and curing of polyesters, polyurethanes, PVDF have become critical bottlenecks for conventional drying systems. Bekaert Solaronics WebMate® electrical full infrared and WebMate® hybrid infrared-air ovens are the ultimate compact, flexible and highly efficient solutions for such solvent-based applications.

Coupled with cooling and after burner sections, they are supplied as complete packages for both vertical and horizontal color coating line designs in either revamp or greenfield projects.

Benefits of our infrared drying solutions:

  • Optimized compactness
  • High production flexibility
  • Lower energy costs through extensive heat recovery
  • Production boosting