Coat drying -

Coat drying

coat drying

The production of coated paper or coated paperboard requires drying of the coating which is applied, either in Off- Coating Machine or in On-line coating sections.

Our drying solutions are customized to your specific needs, including the use of gas infrared (GemDryer®), electrical infrared (WebMate®), or the combination of infrared drying with convection drying (UniDryer® V3, e-UniDryer).

Our infrared drying systems allow drying the coated paper without contact with the coated surface. The infrared radiation penetrates into the paper and transfers its energy to the web. The energy is transferred to the coated paper from within, which limits the temperature gradient between the base paper and the coating layer during the drying process.

In paper and board industry, the infrared technology is typically found just after the coating stations (including metering size press). The heat transfer and the evaporation rate of the infrared systems are mainly influenced by the radiation power and the paper properties at the inlet of the drying system. Whether your project is a new investment, an upgrade or a rebuild, we can offer a solution which considers the total drying strategy, including convection & cylinder drying and optimizes your overall coating operations.

Our products are designed for optimal energy efficiency, high reliability, long lifetime and flexibility.

The combination of infrared drying and air drying provides a perfect combination of available technologies to optimize your drying system for optimal quality and energy efficiency.