Energy optimization -

Energy optimization


We have a long experience in supplying drying solutions to the paper industry and have the right products and expertise to optimize your drying for optimal energy efficiency. We are constantly innovating to further improve the energy cost of our systems and emitters.

Our latest innovations include:

- the GemE family of emitters that guarantee 10 % reduction of gas consumption for the same drying performance compared to the former generation of gas infrared emitters,
- the Unidryer® V3 and e-Unidryer, a combination of infrared and convection drying,
- the Energy Recovery System (ERS) model, which includes the optimization of the full drying arch by reutilization of the energy in the exhaust of our infrared drying systems in air dryers or drying hood ventilation systems.

Our experts are available for auditing your existing production line and suggesting rebuild solutions suited to your needs. When optimizing an existing production line, we can take into account the grade mix and will guarantee the projected energy savings in our performance guarantee.