Production increase -

Production increase


Our infrared solutions have a high power density resulting in high drying rates within a restricted space.

With our expertise, we can analyse your needs for production increase and resolve the bottlenecks which are keeping you from increasing the daily output of your paper machine.

Our solutions can be implemented in different sections of the machine:

  • Before the presses as preheaters to improve the dewatering rate of your press section,
  • After the press section, before the drying cylinders as predryers to improve the drying rate of the cylinder section without a heavy rebuild,
  • At the end of the predrying or postdrying section to boost production speed without any need for additional cylinder dryers,
  • In metering size press rebuilds, as first dryer after the filmpress, boosting the capacity of the postdrying section while drying the applied coatings with the needed drying intensity,
  • In coating stations, to boost existing drying capacity,
  • After calendar section, to redry the paper to required reel moisture.

The required space is not only reduced inside the machine, but our compact ventilation requirements with the Unidryer® product range, provides also advantages for the space required on the mezzanine.

Our moisture profiling solutions or edge dryers can also boost your productivity and take away a bottleneck.