Quality control -

Quality control

The high flexibility of our infrared solutions allows an optimal quality control.

Within machine direction (MD), it is possible to adjust the power per each pair of rows, in order to adjust the drying to the specific production requirements.

For grades with mottling tendencies, the power can be focused in the beginning of the drying arch for optimal fixation of the coating layer immediately after the coating head. For other grades, the energy can be distributed along the infrared dryer for gentle drying with optimal efficiency. In configurations after double side coating application, the energy can be distributed differently on each side of the web, to adjust the drying on each side to the corresponding coating application or to adjust the curl tendencies of the web.

In cross direction (CD), our profiling solutions provide accurate and continuous moisture CD control in order to improve paper quality and machine runnability. We have designed our WebMate® system to include optimal cross-directional profile control.  The moisture profile can be corrected in zones 71.5 – 143 mm with our eM24 modules.

Our gas solutions can also include moisture profiling capabilities, which is very cost-effective for coarse profiling corrections.

Our profiling systems are installed on all possible paper grades, ranging from tissue to heavy board applications and in different positions including in coating stations, after metering size press or in cylinder drying sections.

For specific wet edges, we supply the electrical EdgeMate which allows drying of edges without having to reduce the machine speed.