References -


We have references in many different segments of the Paper & Board industry. The list below is a non-extensive selection of grades where our products are successfully used. In case you wish to organize a reference visit, our representatives will assist you in organizing and participate to the visit, if required.

  • Printing and Writing

Coated Woodfree Paper (Coated Art Paper)
Coated Mechanical Paper (ULWC/LWC/MWC/HWC)

  • Packaging

Coated Recycled Board (Coated Boxboard, C1S)
FBB (Folding Boxboard, Liquid Packaging Board)
Linerboard (Coated White Top Testliner or Kraftliner, White Top Testliner or Kraftliner)
SBS (Solid Bleached Sulphate, C1S, Cup & Plate, LPB)

  • Tissue
  • Specialties

Art Paper & Board (Artist Paper, Glassine Paper, Card Stock, Photographic Paper)
Cigarette Paper and Cigarette Plug Wrap Paper
Communications Grades (Label, Security, Poster, Carbonless, C1S Label, Thermal Base Paper)
Electronic & Industrial Paper (Abrasive Base Paper, Filter Paper, Impregnating Paper)
Food Paper (Tea Bag Paper, Filter Paper, Grease Resistant Paper)
Laminating Paper (Décor, Saturating Paper, Preimpregnated Paper)
Release Paper
Construction Paper (Wallpaper Base Stock, Latex containing Paper)

  • Non woven specialties