Crosslinking of flexpipes -

Crosslinking of flexpipes

Flexible and rigid pipes are used for the transportation of certain fluids - most of the time natural gas and oil - over long distances and often at elevated temperatures. They are also used for injection of chemicals.

Therefore, the offshore pipes have to be very resistant to chemicals and water (including seawater) as well as be capable of operating at high temperatures and pressures.

Offshore pipes are made with one or more tube-formed barrier layers including an inner layer and at least one reinforcing layer. The inner layer is produced by a continuous extrusion of a polymer material; the cross-linking of the polymer improves durability and resistance.

The cross-linking of the extruded polymer material with its hardener is carried out by exposition to infrared radiation, known for its excellent penetration ability and activation of the cross-linking reaction.

To answer the high demands of this application, our expert team has designed intelligent solutions based upon short-wave infrared flexibility associated with air and fumes mass transfer focusing on product quality. Moreover, our tailor-made round ovens solutions combine a small footprint with high power density. 

Our references include round ovens from 16 to 150 kW depending on the diameter range produced.

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