Drying and curing of mirror coatings -

Drying and curing of mirror coatings

Mirrors are manufactured by applying a reflective layer, generally silver, on glass panels. A paint or varnish formulation is then often used to protect the reflective properties of the mirror.
The drying of this coating can be performed with infrared energy or a combination of infrared and air drying.  The air drying solution scrubs away the evaporated solvents from the coat whereas infrared radiation quickly transfers efficient electromagnetic energy directly from the heat source to the coated glass.

Our gas infrared drying systems (GemDryer®, UniDryer®) can be advantageously combined with hot air tunnels and/or dryers to ensure both drying and curing at low operational costs. For quality issues, infrared systems can be implemented to transfer energy onto the side with the coating layer and onto the side of the glass plate.

Our expert team designs solutions to transfer the right amount of energy, at the right location, with a smart mix of air in order to increase production, reduce the operating costs and ensure a high mirror quality.

Gas infrared dryers and Energy Recovery Systems can be installed both on existing or new lines.

curing of glass glass mirror

Application exemple:

Bekaaert Solaronics has installed a gas infrared system GemDryer®, hot air tunnels and two ERS on an exisiting production line. The goal was to replace electrical systems by gas infrared combined with air to increase the line speed and decrease significantly the operating costs. Read more here: Press release drying and curing on flat glass

Download: Leaflet coat drying on flat glass