Drying of coatings on technical textile -

Drying of coatings on technical textile

Coated technical textiles are used in a variety of market sectors including for example: working clothes for industry, protective clothing, sports and leisure fabrics, military, marine, police and firefighters clothing, medical textile and even more.

Technical textile often features polymer coatings for waterproofing, breathability, heat resistance etc.

Coatings applied on the surface of woven fabrics have to be dried and cured. The coating weight and type of polymer depend on the technical performance requirements. The infrared heat allows drying these coatings quickly, improving the product quality and increasing the production speed. Our infrared systems combined with air technology have been used for over 20 years for coated fabrics drying.

Our expert team will support you to select the best solution for your specific product. Moreover, our R&D center and our trial hoods facilities provide the necessary support to ensure the development of your innovative ideas and new products.

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