Drying of inks, varnishes and glues -

Drying of inks, varnishes and glues

Many coatings, inks, varnishes or glues need to be dried, heated or cured. We have developed medium power density infrared drying and heating systems adapted to precisely evaporate water. The systems are based on unique design of lamp reflectors with electrical power control systems, which ensure high energy efficiency to your installation. For surface drying, integrated air knives further increase the drying capacity and energy efficiency.

Exemple of applications:

Envelope glue drying

Existing envelope production machines are generally equipped with hot air blowers for glue drying. Replacing these hot air dryers with MonoCassettes NV gives valuable advantages: energy savings, easy power control, increased production speed, improved quality. Moreover, the MonoCassettes NV allow heating only where it is required, without release to the environment. The heat is set at the correct level for each run (power control 0 to 100%) and automatically switches on and off at the start and stop of the line.


The printing inks or varnishes deposit with flexographic machines on paper or corrugated board need to be dried.

Our electrical infrared systems MiniFlex and Mastercassette combine high performance infrared electrical lamps with high velocity air nozzles. The combination of these features results in a fast heat-up and increased efficiency for intermediate and final drying. 

The heat from the electrical lamps allows a high evaporation rate of the water in the printing inks, and the air knives blowing on the product surface transfer the evaporated water away, resulting in high drying speed and better quality.  

flexo-printing Envelopes