Drying of pre-impregnated paper -

Drying of pre-impregnated paper

unilin 3dDrying and pre-curing of resins are two essential steps in the impregnation process for production of laminated paper.

We have developed infrared drying systems for overlay, backer and impregnated paper. Thanks to their compactness, controllability and flexibility, our gas infrared systems (GemDryer®, UniDryer®) provide considerable advantages to the laminating process:

- possibility to easily increase the machine speed by rising the product temperature before the existing dryers, without having to modify the existing line
- the cross direction moisture profile can be controlled by focusing more energy on the paper edges
- important energy savings can be realized by adding our Energy Recovery System (ERS) between the infrared system and the air tunnels. Thanks to our ERS, it is possible to reuse the exhaust air from the infrared system as an energy source for the air tunnels.

Download: IR drying solutions for laminated paper