Heat-up and drying of coated abrasives -

Heat-up and drying of coated abrasives

A coated abrasive consists of a backing material – generally paper, cotton cloth, polyester film, vulcanized fibre, combination of PES and cotton – to which are bonded abrasive grains using adhesives (resin and additives).

The coated abrasives are used in several industrial segments as for example wood, painting, gypsum, metal industry and many more.

There are several processes to produce coated abrasives using different kind of polymers (phenolic, ureic, polymer acrylic, formaldehyde, resins…).  In all of these processes, the polymer coated on the support needs to be dried and cured.

Our non-contact infrared drying systems (UniDryer® or e-UniDryer) can be used advantageously to improve quality as well as production speed. The UniDryer® technology is based on a balance between infrared and hot air that allows managing efficiently the temperature of the coated abrasives during the drying/curing just before the maker and sizer festoon ovens.

A heat recovery system can be connected to the festoon oven to recirculate the hot air (coming from the UniDryer®) and improve even more the efficiency. Also, energy savings fans are directly installed on the system hood.

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Application example:

Bekaert Solaronics has installed an electrical UniDryer® to perform the heat-up and pre-drying of coated abrasives before a festoon oven. The combination of infrared and convection technology allows limiting the product temperature to ensure a high product quality and low operating costs. Also, the high drying capacity of the system in a very small footprint allows an increased production and limited line’s modification.

Download: Brochure coated abrasive production