Pre-heating processes -

Pre-heating processes

Many industrial processes have specific requirements concerning energy transfer.
For drying, curing, activation, shaping or other process, the first stage is to heat-up the product.

Our infrared solutions will offer a perfect solution to transfer energy, without any contact, in a small footprint before any other needed equipment. Our systems can be precisely tuned and controlled and the right quantity of energy is transferred where it is needed. Thanks to their compactness, they can be easily implemented on an existing machine.  

Application example:


Latex, used to stabilize and anchor synthetic fibers on their support for artificial turf manufacturing, need to be heated to set.

A GemDryer® gas infrared drying system has been implemented in artificial grass production line to advantageously pre-polymerize and start the drying of the amount of liquid latex before the hot air oven. Heating, drying and cross-linking are key processes to ensure the requested product specifications.

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