Scorching of brake pads -

Scorching of brake pads

Scorching is a key point in the manufacturing process of brake pads for quality and safety reasons.

There are several different processes to scorch brake pads, either by contact (Hot plate) or without contact (Infrared).

Our Gemscrocher, a non-contact infrared solution for scorching of brake pads,  has a lot of advantages compared to the scorching by contact like for example:

- Reliable weight loss
- High productivity and reliability
- Lower operating costs
- Less cleaning

The Gemscrocher can be used advantageously to improve quality as well as production speed. Our R&D centre can perform scorching tests thanks to a dedicated bench test using weight data logging. This can be used also to provide you with the best necessary support to ensure the development of your innovative ideas and new products.

Download: Technical sheet GemScorcher

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