E-UniDryer -



The Bekaert Solaronics e-UniDryer is a non-contact drying and profiling system in which high drying performance electrical infrared modules are alternated with air flotation nozzles.

This unique combination results in a very compact design that can be easily implemented in your machine while guaranteeing optimal system efficiency.

The e-UniDryer system benefits from several features that minimize your operating costs :

- The convective part of the dryer, built in with state of the art flotation nozzles, handles the mass transfer by blowing hot air coming from the emitter’s flue gases. Thanks to improved convection of the system, no heat exchanger or external gas burner are required.

- Bekaert Solaronics modules eM24 benefit from a ceramic reflective surface that allows significant energy consumption savings. They are composed of 6 lamps with a power from 1 to 4 kW.

Product benefits:

  • Optimal quality
  • Low operating costs
  • Optimal machine runnability
  • Long lifetime of the modules

Download: e-UniDryer brochure