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Infrared Emitters


Gas infrared emitters GemE/Ger E family

Our gas infrared emitters, GemE and GerE, benefit from two high-technology screens for higher infrared efficiency and a solid ceramic material known for its excellent mechanical properties. The emitters are optimized thanks to a specific surface treatment to efficiently operate at high temperatures.
Input power: from 7 to 12 kW.

Download: GemE/Ger E family

Electrical infrared modules: eM24

Our modules are high density electrical infrared emitters developed for straight heating and profiling-based on parabolic reflector design.
The eM24 consists of 6 lamps of 1 kW to 4 kW mounted in front of a ceramic reflective surface with high reflective properties.
Profiling zone: 71,5 mm or 143 mm

Download: eM24 electrical module

Gem 5Gem 5 emitter

Gem 5 is a fast reactivity gas infrared emitter with Bekinit® as the combustion surface. This flexible medium allows a reliable heat transfer, a high density and homogeneous combustion as well as a fast cooling.
Input power: from 2.5 to 4 kW

Download: Gem 5 high reactivity emitter