MasterCassette -



Bekaert Solaronics MasterCassette is an electrical infrared solution consisting of unique golden reflectors and superior lifetime infrared lamps that direct the heat to your product.

Thanks to the use of quick start/stop and heat controllability, your energy costs are minimized.
Drying width can be adjusted according to the product width; therefore energy is consumed only where you need, always at the optimal level.

The system is delivered with an electrical power control system with the following functions:

- Power control from 0 to 100 % for the best drying quality
- Cross machine drying width control
- Power set point from line automation or regulated by speed/temperature
- Power interlocking system to ensure a safe operation

The Mastercassette has two different dimensions based on the needed installed power and your space availability. In both cases, it easily fits in your installation and only requires a small space.

Product benefits:

  • Low operating costs
  • Increased production capacity
  • Easy implementation
  • High drying quality

Documentation: MasterCassette