Trial hood facilities -

Trial hood facilities

Drying and heating are needed in most manufacturing processes. When it is desired to do this quickly and economically, we can provide the solution in most cases. If there is no experience in product drying, some testing is usually needed to reveal details regarding capacity and quality aspects. Bekaert has several testing devices and laboratory resources for these purposes.

Testing on laboratory scale

Preliminary tests for small samples or sample batches can be done on our R&D laboratory or on your R&D facilities. By varying drying and heating parameters, suitable infrared power density, temperature limits, need for air blowing, etc. can be found.

Example of laboratory test: dedicated bench test for improved understanding of scorching process without contact of brake pads.

bench test scorcherbench testThe bench test is equipped with electrical or gas emitter and is connected to a computer to record the data.
The distance is adjustable between the emitter and the brake pad surface.
Thanks to this bench test, we measured continuous weight loss of brake pad vs time and compared gas vs electrical technology.

Testing on the production line

If trials cannot be otherwise arranged, testing can be done on the production line.
Our R&D, application and project managers have long experience and expertise to assist you during the tests and design phases of your project to ensure an optimum integration of our systems in your production line.
Properly arranged tests on your production line give to you and us a reliable picture of the dimensioning details.