Reports on 1Q 2018

Date Analyst Title Recommendation Target price
07.06.2018  ING  Another solar headwind  Buy  € 43.00
01.06.2018  KBC  US import duties on steel from EU, not from Brazil Add  € 47.00 
23.05.2018  KBC  Tough expected in 1H, followed by recovery  Add  € 47.00 
09.05.2018  KBC  1Q18 revenue -1%, up 7% organically  Add  € 47.00
09.05.2018  Degoof Petercam  Underwhelming with sales in line and outlook remains 'similar'  Add  € 41.00 
07.05.2018 KBC Preview 1Q18 trading update
Add € 47.00

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