Reports on FY2016

Date Analyst  Title Recommendation  Target price 
02.03.2017  KBC  Solid self-help story, rating up to Accumulate  Accumulate  50 
01.03.2017  Degroof Petercam  Strong margin performance across the lines  Buy  46 
01.03.2017  ABN  Bumber earnings beat again, and inspiring outlook  Buy  46
01.03.2017  KBC  Much better FY16, 10% margin target within 5 years  Hold  38 
28.02.2017  KBC  FY2016 preview  Hold  38
24.02.2017  Degroof Petercam  FY 2016 preview  Buy  46
16.01.2016  Degroof Petercam  Expecting supportive new margin guidance Buy 46
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