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Addendum to Shareholders' report

Bekaert Shareholders' report 2018

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Bekaert Shareholders' report 2011

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Bekaert Shareholders' report 2001 Cover shareholder report 2001

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Changes in accounting policies

In the preparation of the accompanying consolidated financial statements as at 31 December, 2001 and 2000,

several accounting policies have been applied that are different from those used in previous accounting periods.

Explanatory notes  on the results and developments within the Bekaert Group in 2001.


Bekaert Shareholders' report 2000 Cover shareholders report 2000

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Bekaert Shareholdes' guide 1999  Cover Annual report 1999

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Bekaert Annual report 1998  Cover Annual report 1998

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Bekaert Annual report 1997  Cover Annual report 1997

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Bekaert Annual report 1996  Cover Annual report 1996

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Bekaert Annual report 1995 Cover Annual report 1995

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