Calendar 2019 -

Calendar 2019

For all investor relation related questions please contact our team: 

Katelijn Bohez
Dries Van Hamme Investor Relations Bekaert
Christine Clarysse
Katelijn Bohez
Chief Communications and IR Officer
Tel: +32 56 766 610
Dries Van Hamme
Investor Relations Manager and
Finance Business Partner Engineering
Tel: +32 51 333 423
Christine Clarysse
Investor Relations coordinator
Tel: +32 56 766 613

01/01/2019 Start of closed period ahead of full year results 2018   
Conference through Oddo Lyon 
01/03/2019  2018 Results Press release before opening of the Brussels stock Exchange
Press conference, Brussels 
Analyst meeting, Brussels 
08/03/2019  Roadshow Brussels  Through Degroof Petercam
14/03/2019  Berenberg conference London
26/03/2019  Roadshow Paris   through KBC
29/03/2019 Annual Report 2018 available online.  
30/03/2019  Fair for retail in Antwerp Metropolis  through VFB
02/04/2019  Conference in Madrid   through Degroof Petercam 
08/04/2019 Start of closed period ahead of 1st quarter trading update   
27/04/2019  Fair for retail in Ghent 'Dag van de Belegger'  through KBC
08/05/2019  First quarter trading update  Press release before opening of the Brussels stock Exchange 
08/05/2019  Annual General Meeting of Shareholders  Kortrijk, Xpo at 10:30 a.m. CET 
09/05/2019  Dividend ex-date  
10/05/2019  Visit investors at Bekaert Shanghai regional HQ through HSBC
13/05/2019 Dividend payable  
20/05/2019  Roadshow Switzerland  through ING 
22/05/2019  Visit Private Bankers at Headquarters Zwevegem, Belgium  through Degroof Petercam 
23/05/2019  Roadshow London  through Kempen 
23/05/2019  Conference Brussels  through KBC 
29/05/2019  Conference Amsterdam  through ABN Amro 
12/06/2019  Site visit for retail, Bekaert headquarters Zwevegem,  Belgium through VFB 
20/06/2019 Convertible bond issuer conference Paris  through Octo Finances
24/06/2019  Roadshow New York  through Degroof Petercam 
25/06/2019  Roadshow Chicago   through Degroof Petercam 
25/06/2019  Conference Paris  through Kempen 
26/06/2019  Roadshow Boston  through Degroof Petercam 
26/06/2019  Start of closed period ahead of half year results 2018   
26/07/2019  Half year results 2019  Press release before opening of the Brussels stock Exchange
Press conference, Brussels 
Analyst meeting Brussels 
04/09/2019 Conference London through ING
13/09/2019 Conference Paris through Kepler Cheuvreux
24/09/2019 Conference Munich through Alpha Value
04/10/2019 Credit Conference Brussels  through KBC 
09/10/2019  Roadshow Stockholm  through Kempen 
15/10/2019  Start of closed period ahead of 3rd quarter trading update    
15/11/2019  Third quarter trading update Press release before opening of the Brussels stock Exchange 
15/11/2019  Capital Market Event Bekaert Headquarters, Zwevegem, Belgium 
26/11/2019  Roadshow Madrid  through Kepler Cheuvreux 
28/11/2019  Conference London   through Kempen 
04/12/2019  Visit of private bankers at Bekaert headquarters through Nagelmackers
10/12/2019  Conference Zürich   through Degroof Petercam 
12/12/2019  Visit Institutional investors at Bekaert headquarters through ING