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In Bekaert, we believe in working together to achieve better performance. We embrace diversity which is a major source of strength for our company. Diversity not only in terms of nationality, cultural background, age or gender, but also in terms of capabilities, business experience, ways of looking at reality, insights and views. We create and nurture diversity.

So imagine the power of diverse people around the world all thinking together. All over the world, Bekaert encourages collective wisdom to solve huge challenges in the ever changing business environment.

In whatever we do, we act according to five guiding principles:

  • A passion for excellence is part of the DNA of our company. We are passionate to deliver high quality work, not only in operations but in each and every domain, at each and  every level of our company.
  • We take an Outside-in Orientation in whatever we do. We are pro-active, open and focused on satisfying  present and future needs in the world around us.
  • We create a culture of innovation across our entire company and we manage our innovation processes with speed, creativity and effectiveness.
  • We believe everyone is a leader. Everyone in our company is expected to demonstrate value-based Bekaert leadership behavior.
  • We seize all opportunities for working and leading together across our entire company, within and across business units, functional units, regions and levels.

That’s why working at Bekaert means working in an environment where local and international talent truly work together. Where people are encouraged to share their experiences and take real responsibilities. Where research and development are embedded in the company’s culture. And where you can leave your personal mark on the areas in which you demonstrate your expertise.

We promote a performance driven culture. So if you have the drive, the talent and the uniqueness to advance ideas that can change the lives of thousands of customers around the world, why not explore with us?

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