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Our culture

Our culture is made by our people.

People who like working together according to our better together baseline and to our corporate values resilience, trust, and integrity.

People who are striving for sustainable profitable growth, in a corporate socially responsible way.

People who want to meet customer expectations by working with a true Total Quality Management ambition and in a solid and structured way.

People taking responsibility to develop products and services with respect for the environment.

People focusing on innovation to become and stay the market and technological leader.

People who want to make their company the world leader in the selected business segments Bekaert is active in.


Marcelo Xavier (Brazil- Global market manager)

“Today’s customers ask quality and flexibility. You can’t do that by bringing pre-existing answers. So we work closely with our customers to make sure our solutions are perfectly suited to their needs. It’s our ambition to find a state-of-the-art solution to every problem, however customer-specific it may be.”

Michaela Benova (Slovakia – Process engineer)

“All around the world Bekaert applies the same high standards not only to our products and facilities but to our people as well. In fact in Bekaert we design, develop and build our production lines ourselves, so we are sure that everyone works according to the same standard, wherever they are.”

Debra Wood (U.S. - Global Manufacturing Manager)

“better together” defines our way of working with our customers and colleagues in our quest for excellence in everything we do.

José Augusto (Brazil - Senior Process Engineer)

“I have previously worked in Bekaert plants in Brazil, the US and China and am currently based in Belgium. At each move, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. But I had faith that Bekaert knew me well enough to know where I could fit in. I am Brazilian, my boss is Belgian, my colleagues have different nationalities but we’re all working towards the same goals.”