Bekaert proudly receives Italian Concrete Technology Award (ICTA) for Dramix® 5D steel fiber reinforcement


Press release

Summary & download

ICTA award Bekaert Dramix 5DDramix® 5D steel fiber reinforcement received an ICTA award within the category Product innovation for Materials and Admixtures for Concrete. The jury - composed of journalists and technical specialists – praised the technical ingenuity of the product.

Quotes from the jury:

“The innovative design of these fibers could completely substitute traditional rebar in concrete structures. The tiny hooks on both ends of the fibers form a perfect anchor. Under tension, the high-tensile wire is elongated, providing high ductility and yield stress to the concrete elements. Designers can easily calculate the amount of Dramix® 5D fibers needed to completely reinforce any type of structure, regardless its geometry and thickness.”

The ICTA competition (Italian Concrete Technology Awards) is part of the G.I.C. exhibition, the Italian Concrete Days (Piacenza, November 10-11-12 2016) and awards companies that are distinctive within their industry for their technology and their strategic role.


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