Dramix® plant in Belgium receives ISO 14001 certificate


Press release

Bekaert is pleased to announce it has earned the ISO 14001 Environmental Standard Certification for its Dramix® plant in Moen (Belgium) from Bureau Veritas Certification, an internationally accredited firm for management system standards.

Summary & download

The ISO 14001 Standard is an internationally accepted specification for environmental management systems created by the International Organization for Standardization to help organizations minimize how their operations affect the environment and comply with related laws, regulations and requirements. By complying with internationally accepted standards Bekaert underscores its commitment to continuously improve environmental assurance and performance in all business activities. 


Dramix® steel fibers are used to reinforce concrete elements all over the world.  As sustainability is a primary requirement for products used in the construction industry, the ISO 14001 certificate is an important step ahead for Bekaert and the users of Dramix® steel fibers.


Global certification: a clear commitment to the environment

At the onset of 2009 Bekaert structurally addressed the certification issue at its production plants. Our aim is to have all of them ISO 14001 certified by year-end 2011. The identification of our significant environmental aspects and impacts served as the foundation for the global implementation of the ISO 14001 standard. The plant in Moen (Belgium), which produces Dramix Ò steel fibers, is the first European Dramix Ò plant that is ISO 14001 certified.

Process renewal driven by the need for energy reduction

Koen Naert, Group Environment Health and Safety Manager at Bekaert, comments:  “At our Dramix® plants we undertook several initiatives in order to bring down our energy consumption.  To reduce insidious energy losses at our production plant we frequently perform checks of our infrastructure.  We have also drawn up new specifications – in concordance with tougher technical standards, specific process demands and energy consumption ­– for state-of-the-art, energy-efficient lighting systems. In addition, we thoroughly studied and implemented the energy-saving possibilities of the cooling and ventilation systems of our machinery. And we looked into the effect of harmonics on the power-quality ratio and the energy-saving potential connected therewith.”


Dramix® steel fibers: an integrated approach to preserve the environment

Dramix® steel fibers contribute to a cleaner environment by using less steel to reinforce concrete and to optimize the use of concrete in the construction. Compared with mesh and rebar reinforcement, our Dramix® steel fiber concrete solution also allows to reduce CO2 emission and energy consumption per cubic meter of concrete.

Dramix® also contributes to build durable structures – such as Dramix® reinforced concrete pipes and Dramix® fluid tight structures (petrol stations, chemical production, waste treatment). To cater for the need for ultimate sustainable solutions, Bekaert developed Dramix® Green, which links the aesthetic benefit of a smooth surface with high durability thanks to an environmentally friendly rust inhibitor.


At the same time Bekaert is putting its concern for the environment into practice by developing new and eco-friendlier production processes. For the overall Dramix® volume, we can state that the percentage of recycled steel used in our end product is around 20%.  For special products and on customer request, it is possible to select specific wire rod qualities, where we can offer a Dramix® product made of minimum 80% recycled steel.